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Suffolk Solo Pointe Shoes - Standard Shank

Suffolk Solo Pointe Shoes - Standard Shank

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The Suffolk Solo Pointe Shoes are a Premiere Collection model from Suffolk. Pointe shoes in the Premiere Collection are made from the same materials as Suffolk's Corps de Ballet shoes, but are more substantial in weight. They are designed to last longer and be both strong and comfortable at the same time.

The Suffolk Solo has a medium profile, supportive wings, and a sturdy box with a U-shaped vamp. The platform is shaped four times during the drying process to ensure a super flat finish. The shoe has an elegant line and slight taper that conforms beautifully to the dancer's feet.

The Suffolk Solo is available in three shank options:
• Light - more flexible and has lighter paste on the bottom of the foot
• Standard - 2 mm board
• Hard - 2.5mm board

Ribbon and elastic sold separately.

Available Sizes

The Suffolk Solo Pointe Shoes are available in Sizes 3-7.5 in Widths N, XN, X, XXN, XX, XXXN, XXX, and XXXXN. Sizes 3-6.5 are additionally available in Width XXXX in Standard and Light Shanks only. Also note that size 8 is available in Widths N, X, XX, and XXX only. Fitting suggestion is U.S. Street Size minus two and a half sizes.

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Suffolk Solo Pointe Shoes