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Bunheads Flexers Rehearsal Pointe Shoe Ribbon

Bunheads Flexers Rehearsal Pointe Shoe Ribbon

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Achilles' Tendonitis is a common risk for dancers due to the nature of pointe work. Too frequently, pointe shoe ribbon is too tight and it restricts flexibility of the ankle, creating excessive pressure on the Achilles' tendon. Bunheads Flexers are designed to alleviate this issue. They are secure and snug, but they stretch with movement. They enable the dancer to rise from plié, through demi-pointe and onto pointe with minimal constriction and no bagginess.

• Recommended by physical therapists, used by professionals.
• Premium performance 7/8" wide, single-faced matte satin ribbon. Perfect for rehearsal shoes or the beginner dancer.
• Color - Light Professional Pink.
• Quantity - 4 Flexer ribbons per set.

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