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Bloch Dramatica II Pointe Shoes

Bloch Dramatica II Pointe Shoes

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Based on the original Dramatica, but now even better. The Bloch Dramatica II Stretch Pointe Shoes use a different paste that extends the life of the shoe, and also has a modified crown - flatter - that provides the dancer with more contact points with the shoe. The box is sturdy to hold the dancer upright, and the U-shaped vamp and low wings create an enhanced profile.

The Dramatica II maintains the popular features of its predecessor. As a "Stretch Pointe Shoe" it is constructed with a stretchable satin material that adheres to the foot like a second skin. This keeps the look as clean as possible and provides for a more secure fit too.

Dramatica II includes an elastic drawstring, has a non-slip leather heel grip, and is designed with a split-sole that allows maximum stretch at the arch as the dancer moves from flat to pointe.

Available Sizes

The Bloch Dramatica II Stretch Pointe Shoes are available in sizes 3.5-8, in widths of X-XXX.

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Customer Reviews

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Eileen Walentin
Teacher calls them her "magic shoes"

My daughter struggles with stiff ankles. She is strong, but the stiff ankles have made it very challenging for her to fully get on her box. She stretches & does her strength exercises, but could not get that last bit over the box. She has tried on many shoes from all brands, including Gaynors, no luck. She also has a very prominent bunion.

When she put these shoes on, not only was she instantly on her box, but they are comfortable, unheard of in pointe shoes! The inner lining forms to her foot, cushioning the bunion. Her teacher, who is VERY skeptical of new innovations is shoes, loves them and refers to them as her "magic shoes."